A van alarm system fitted to alert you when activated. Easily hidden, this alarm will call or text you if set off by a person entering whilst it is armed.

What it is

We fit the alarm at the back of the van so that the motion detector can detect the heat source of a person entering. The PIR has a detection distance of up to 10 metres, 120 degrees horizontal, 90 degrees vertical. So it will easily cover the cargo area of your van.

Supplied with a PAYG sim card, it communicates via a mobile network ensuring you are contacted when needed. So when it is set off, it will call or text up to 3 nominated numbers.

How it works

To arm and disarm the alarm you use the supplied remote keyfob, removing the need for code entry. Simply press the disarm button when entering and arm it when leaving. It does offer a 5 second delay before activating upon entry and 30 seconds when exiting.

If the alarm is activated by a potential intruder, the siren will trigger 15 seconds afterwards. Therefore allowing time for the alarm to contact you first and then alert the intruder that the van is alarmed. Hopefully scaring the intruder away! But we still hide the siren to draw attention away from the main panel. Which will at least give the alarm time to alert you and surrounding people of an intruder. After 60 seconds the siren will stop and re-arm.

The van alarm system main unit is powered by 3 lithium AA batteries which typically last for around 6 months. In fact it will even text to warni you when the batteries are running low.

Van alarm system

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